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  1. 11:41 PM - T.w² | deltapuma: Let me clear something up the Society of Computer Science is a satalite division of Tango.EDU so Urbana runs it completly he gets full autonomy. The deal was he would use Tango.EDU if he needed help and they can particapate in the giveaways. In return we keep everything together. So to clarify the whole forum bar thing so he does not waste 30 dollars. If someone is in SCS they should get the SCS bar. If they do get to be a tango tutor or college mentor they get the Tango.EDU tag. I hope that clairfies what the problem is.
  2. 11:43 PM - T.w² || Sinister: If SCS is a part of EDU, they don't get a bar
  3. Tuesday, July 4, 2017
  4. 12:38 AM - T.w² | deltapuma: Do you think we can talk about this later I am tired and do not want to risk saying something I dont want to say also I like talking more then typing because you can take it wrong if you are typing I just still really disagree and I ahve my reasonings
  5. 12:38 AM - T.w² || Sinister: It's non negotiable lol if SCS is a part of EDU, they will not be having their own bar
  6. 12:39 AM - T.w² | deltapuma: Why is it not negotiable
  7. 12:42 AM - T.w² | deltapuma: If it is its own entity just a satalite group it is still ran by urbana there is absolutly no harm in doing so. I do not see why it has to be so difficult if we are staying the same it is very hard to progress and it really fucking bums me out that you will not want to hear me out.
  8. 12:43 AM - T.w² || Sinister: The way it is right now
  9. 12:43 AM - T.w² || Sinister: SCS is a child group of EDU
  10. 12:43 AM - T.w² || Sinister: so they will not get a bar
  11. 12:43 AM - T.w² | deltapuma: Sinister you are not in the discord are you
  12. 12:43 AM - T.w² || Sinister: If they're separate and you just work together, that's fine
  13. 12:44 AM - T.w² | deltapuma: That is why there is such a disconnect
  14. 12:44 AM - T.w² | deltapuma: that is kinda were we are going with it
  15. 12:45 AM - T.w² | deltapuma: Alex brought it up to our attention so we are calliing it a satilate group becasue it envolves education we just were going to advertize and such
  16. 12:45 AM - T.w² || Sinister: I'm just saying, the way it is on the forums right now, SCS is a child of EDU, which means no board
  17. 12:45 AM - T.w² || Sinister: bar*
  18. 12:45 AM - T.w² | deltapuma: I am sorry
  19. 12:46 AM - T.w² | deltapuma: But if you want to remove it fine but I really want you to know you caused a lot of fucking work now. It is like with anything in Tango you can not win.
  20. 12:47 AM - T.w² | deltapuma: I want to make every party happy I am looking for the ease of the members
  21. 12:47 AM - T.w² | deltapuma: That is all.
  22. 12:47 AM - T.w² || Sinister: Don't know what you're getting so emotional about. All you have to do is make is so SCS isn't a Child Board on the forums and they get their bar
  23. 12:48 AM - T.w² || Sinister: how is that a lot of work
  24. 12:48 AM - T.w² || Sinister: chill
  25. 12:48 AM - T.w² | deltapuma: I have to go in the propsals. I have to change every roster we already made all the keys we made for nothing.
  26. 12:49 AM - T.w² | deltapuma: One thing I hate is wasting time. I really like effeciancy so yea I will get emotional about it sorry. I do not see why me getting emotional is such a bad thing though either
  27. 12:50 AM - T.w² | deltapuma: But I can not remove the child board if you want to do it. I just want you to know I am trying to look for the best for every member
  28. 12:52 AM - T.w² | deltapuma: So are we going to take it away for Tango.EDU or keep it you know my feelings on it
  29. 12:53 AM - T.w² || Sinister: Dude just go to sleep and talk to balon tomorrow
  30. 12:54 AM - T.w² | deltapuma: Ok will do
  31. 12:54 AM - T.w² | deltapuma: night