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  1. ***Thank you for your interest in supporting TangoWorldWide!***
  2. :small_blue_diamond: Visit our Donation Page (<>) to select a package.
  3.        :small_orange_diamond: Want to donate for no perks? Skip this step!
  4. :small_blue_diamond: Send the amount to our PayPal:
  5.        :small_orange_diamond: Can't use PayPal? Create a ticket for more information!
  6.        :small_orange_diamond: Send your Discord @ as a note with your donation to speed up the process!
  8. :small_blue_diamond: Follow the steps below to process your donation. Copy this text into your ticket and answer the questions:```
  9. Username:
  10. Package:
  11. SteamID (if game-related):
  12. Email:
  13. Transaction ID:
  14. ```:exclamation: Currently these tickets are __only for donation support__. Need a staff member? Post on the forums!